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Address: No.1, He Street, Wuxue City,, 435400 Wuxue.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: General Assistant DAVID ZHU
Description: JANDA SHIPYARD can carry on the construct & repair various ships under 30,000T, annual product attain 80,000T. Shipyard also is well-equipped, with three 20,000T shipways (respectively are 110x43m, 110x28m, 130x42m), four medium-sized indoor shipways, three 5,000T dry dock, one 2,000T floating dock and one 1,600T floating dock. The shipyard equipped with 200 sets shipbuilding equipments, including 200T/80T/50T/20T/10T gantry cranes, steel pretreatment equipment, fluctuate air chamber, sandblast equipments, 500T oil pressure units, NC cutters (plasma and flaming), 80T ribbing crush equipment, CO2 welding equipments, etc. Further more, it has piping & cable assembly centers, smith, foundry, forging, painting workshops.
Services:new buildings, repairs
Data verified by shipyard 04-02-2020

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