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Address: No.69 Yanjiang road, 430021 Wuhan.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Sales and Marketing Department
Description: As far as ship industry is concerned, CSC has 7 large-sized or medium-sized shipyards, competent of building various 50000-ton-below ships, most of which are exported to Europe and America; CSC has become an important base for exporting and earning foreign exchange in Chinese ship industry. The annual ship building capacity reaches 500 thousand gross tons. The annual production value accounts for 20 above of the total production value made by all the ship building enterprises along the Changjiang River. Except ship building, these shipyards also are engaged in manufacturing other products, such as electromechanical products, harbor machinery and steel structure, etc. As far as tour business is concerned, CSC owns 29 foreign-related and domestic cruises, 18 of which are foreign-related luxurious cruises ranging from three stars to five stars. The foreign-related cruises receive more than 100 thousand tourists per year, which accounts for nearly 1/3 of the total amount of tourists received by the cruises on the Changjiang River. It is the largest tour enterprise on the Changjiang River and the third largest tour enterprise in China, which has undertaken the task of receiving and guarding leaders of CPC and the Government as well as foreign state head and foreign political leaders several times. As far as fuel sale is concerned, the annual sale volume, under the cooperation with Sinopec, exceeds 1.3 million tons, which accounts for 60 above of fuel sale volume on the Changjiang River.
Services:new buildings, repairs, brokers/representative, designers
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