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Address: NO.22.Yanhai Street. Xigang District, Dalian.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, available only for subscription;
Management: Development Office Marketing: , Tel.
Yacht Sales Company: , Tel.
Description: This shipyard can design, build and repair various ships and boats in accordance with CCS rules and standards at the specific requirement of clients. During the past 55 years since foundation, we have supplied almost a thousand first-class finished oil carriers, landing crafts, high-speed catamarans, high-speed patrol boats, totally enclosed lifeboats, luxurious yachts & fishery boats and special ships to our clients.
Quays: It covers a land area of 120,000 sq meters with 600m long coastal line.
Workforce: 1000(500engineering technicians)
Services:new buildings, repairs, designers
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