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Address: 1208/A Ananda Bazar Road, South Middle Halishshar, Bandar,, Chittagong.
Contact:Tel, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Sales Department
Description: Marine engine overhauling and trouble shooting..
All machinery trouble shooting, repairs and over hauling.
Instrumentation and control engineering trouble shooting and repairs.
Commitment to polite and respectful service.
Hydraulic engineering trouble shooting and repairs.
Air conditioning and refrigerated equipment trouble shooting, Class approved hot works.
Approved workshop by PSM Instrumentation Ltd. UK for Installation WIAS and Dewatering System in Bulk Carrier.
Monitoring of PMS program.
Monitoring and act as local marine superintendent instead of company superintendent for follow-up maintenance work.
Services:repairs, machinery only
Data verified by shipyard 17-10-2017

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