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Address: Suites 7b & 8b, Leanse Park, 50 Town Range, Gibraltar.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Director PETTER SYSE
Management: CEO: BENTE VANGSNES, Tel.
Director: PETTER SYSE, Email, Tel.
Description: IMS, established in 1989, is a full service provider of professional personnel for ship and offshore repair, construction and modification works World-Wide.
Voyage/flying squad repair and installatiion services. Experienced from ballast water treatment and exhaust gas scrubbing systems installations. Accredited Georg Fischer +GF+ installer and Victaulic Coupling and piping Systems inclusive certified NOV Bondstrand pipe installers and repairers.
IMS is a full service provider for in-service repairs, dry-dock support of ships and oil rigs. Services include installations of ballast water treatment systems, exhaust gas scrubbers and many other types of equipment. IMS provides fully certified GRE pipe fitters and work with all types of GRE piping.
Services:new buildings, repairs, flying squad, offshore
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