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Address: Hafenstrasse 61, Postfach 45, A-4010 Linz.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Sales & Marketing
Description: Boat building:
- Boat bodies and superstructures: Steel or aluminium components such as outside skin, shell, deck, base, tank, foundation, hatch cover, etc. including corrosion protection.
- Propeller repairs
- Warping gears: Winches, bollards, hawses

Mechanical engineering:
- Engines and aggregates
- Oar and bow oar facilities
- Piping, Pumps, compressors
- Separators, delubricators, Hydraulic systems
- Heating appliances, Cooling systems, Ventilation systems and air-conditionings
- Helm cabin lifting systems
- Special facilities for the repair on shafts

Electrical engineering:
- Power supply, communication devices, navigation systems, switchboards, distributors, cabling, control of supervision and automation systems
Services:new buildings, repairs, electrical/electronics only
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