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Address: 33 rue Ingenieur Verriere, BP 30357, 56103 Lorient.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Sales department
Description: IXElek, alliance of companies EBS and SEDAM, has excelled for more than twenty years in the control of technologies of electrical equipment, electronic and marine data processing. iXELek is made of team of technicians in strongly tested electronics and electricity. Its competence extends in the sectors from maritime industry like : fishing, defence, oceanology, merchant marine, the transport of passengers, yachting and race, as well for the private as for the professionals.
Our engagements : iXELec guarantees and optimized comprehensive solution : technology/quality/price/times. The force of iXELek : A team of highly qualified and experience technicians, bringing to each customer o work precision, a listening and setting at your disposal some is the size of the ship.
Workforce: 60
Services:electrical/electronics only
Data verified by shipyard 19-02-2020

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