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Address: 4100 Chittagong.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Mobile, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Managing Director MD. GOLAM SARWAR
Management: Technical Director: MD. MUJIBUR RAHMAN KHAN, Email, Tel.
Description: DESH Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd. (DSEL) was established in 2008 with an aim to build specialized aluminum ships and boats only. Shipyard is capable of building ships up to 45 m long with existing facilities which comprises of two weather proof production sheds, state of the art cutting and welding machines (all procured from Europe) under the supervision of engineers experienced in aluminum shipbuilding in Dubai. All of our welders and fitters are class certified and experienced in Middle-east and Singapore. The shipyard has already got the PQR (Procedure Qualification Record) approved from BV (Dubai) to build any sized aluminum ship. Pleasure boat, yacht, patrol boat, passenger boat, ambulance ship, cruiser, pilot boat, OSV etc. are our exclusive products. As the price of material, machinery and equipment are same across the world; with the cheapest yet skilled labor force we offer the lowest price with quality workmanship. Where speed and economy is the prime aim of shippers across the globe DSEL is pioneering in this sector in Bangladesh as no other company is engaged in building such specialized ships.

The shipyard is directed by some expert marine professionals. The MD himself is a Chief Engineer in merchant ship and working in marine sector for last 25 years. Technical Director is a chief engineer, too with 15 years sailing experience in merchant ships and then 10 years in various shipyards in Singapore including Keppel FELS. Consultants are experienced in aluminum shipbuilding in GRANDWELD, Dubai for 30 years and local naval architects and engineers are directing a skilled group of welders and fitters who are also experienced in DUBAI and Singapore.
Workforce: Altogether the workforce is to the tune of 100.
Cranage: 1x5t, 2x10t, 1x30t(EOT)
Services:new buildings, underwater, brokers/representative, offshore, designers
Data verified by shipyard 22-12-2019

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