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Address: 390 Riverside Lane, 42029 Calvert City, KY.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Vice President ERIC HANEY
Management: General Manager: JAMIE HALL, Email, Tel.
Commercial Contact: , Email, Tel.
Description: Jamesbuilt is the Specialty Vessel Construction Division of James Marine Inc. Jamesbuilt is a full service marine construction facility focusing on speciality vessels for the Inland Waterways, which include: Drydocks, Tank Barges, Fuel Flats, Ferries, Small to Mid-Size Tug Boats, Deck Barges, and Work Flats. The Jamesbuilt facilty is located at Mile Marker 9.7 on the Tennessee River just up river from the James Marine Inc. Headquarters. We have the expertise, the equipment, and the facilities to easily handle any of your specialty construction projects.
Services:new buildings
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