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Address: 2 Ferry Street, 06320 New London, CT.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Vice President ADAM WRONOWSKI
Description: Thames Shipyard has been serving the marine industry for over 100 years. Today, the shipyard has complete new-build and maintenance capabilities for all types of commercial vessels, both steel and aluminum, along with well-equipped machine and engine repair shops. Two floating drydocks can accommodate vessels up to 400 feet in length and 10,000 tons displacement.

Thames Shipyard has preformed hundreds of commercial vessel drydockings, numerous new constructions, and many vessel re-powerings and overhauls. In addition to major construction projects, over the past five years, Thames Shipyard has safely conducted over 100 haul outs and repairs on all types of commercial vessels including ferries, fishing vessels (both party and commercial trawlers), pilot boats, tugs, dredges, and barges (deck, scow, crane, and petroleum). In addition, the shipyard also repairs long liners, small freighters and tankers.
Quays: 1200 feet pier space
Cranage: 60 tons, 120 foot boom
Services:new buildings, repairs
Graving Dry Dock
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