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Address: Naujoji uosto str. 3, LT-92120 Klaipeda.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Director BRONIUS JAZBUTIS
Description: JSC LAIVU TECHNIKA is situated at an industrial complex, located on the in Lithuania port of Klaipeda with an open connection to the Baltic sea, and just a view minutes from downtown Klaipeda, Its has major transport routes and railways connected to Latvia. Estonia, Russia and all other EEC countries. The company has a long history in maritime activities, from ship repair and maintenance to complete renovations of all type of vessels especially fishing vessels for the deep-sea fleet, who are operating world wide.
Quays: The yard has mooring capacity up to 220 meter length , max draft 5,8m
Workforce: over 300 people
Cranage: standart up to 25mts; additionally can be ordered up to 200mts
Services:repairs, machinery only, hull only, electrical/electronics only, light repairs, underwater, flying squad
Data verified by shipyard 12-10-2017

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