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Address: 75 Tudhope St, P2A 0C6 Parry Sound.
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Description: Established in 1988, Connor Industries is a production and custom welding, fabricating company working in aluminum, steel and stainless steel, located in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. The company has earned a reputation for its ability to rapidly take ideas from concept through to high quality finished product. Its innovative approach to integrated design and construction has made Connor Industries the first choice for new and repeat customers.

Connor Industries is known world-wide for its custom welded aluminum boats under the trademark name STANLEYY. STANLEY boats have been built since 1982 and they presently range in length from 4.3 to 17m (14-55 ft.). STANLEY recreational boats include a variety of styles from small fishing boats to 12m (36 ft.) cabin cruisers. STANLEY commercial boats also come in several styles and are used for various applications including patrol, law enforcement, search and rescue, environmental research, environmental control, spill control, fire fighting and high speed barging. STANLEY boats can
Services:new buildings
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