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Address: 300 Main St. North, A0G 2L0 Glovertown.
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Description: Glovertown Shipyards Limited, thrives on the commitment that this tradition has spirited. The shipyard, now well equipped in all facets of its operation, has established a tremendous reputation for its building and repair services.
The original shipbuilding facility was started in 1977 because of a demand for wooden fishing vessels. In 1979 the company expanded to the present ten acre site comprised of buildings, wharves and launchways. With a keen eye on the future, the shipyard has concentrated on steel development since 1981. Since 1986, Glovertown Shipyards has catered to the local inshore fishing vessel market.
Mastery of vessels ranging from 45'-65' and a construction capacity of 120' has lead to a reputation for technological advancement and structural sturdiness. Diversification into ship maintenance and steel fabrication projects will continue to be a key factor in its growth and success.
Services:new buildings
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