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Address: Herkes Koyu Altinova, 77700 Yalova.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Description: Our company called OZATA Shipbuilding was founded in 1990 to carry out steel and piping works in new buildings and repair ships. Till 2003 OZATA Shipbuilding continued its facilities at TUZLA area in many Shipyards and during this period our company became an experienced and looked for company. In 2003 the founder of the company Ozdemir ATASEVEN decided to use this experience and knowledge for his own and start contact with the goverment to establish a shipyard at Altınova area in Yalova. After getting the permissions in 2004 we started with investments on 50.000 square meter area. During these investments we build up sections for several kind of ships for several Shipyards in Tuzla area. Also we built up full equiped and furnished yatches, mega yatches ,passenger boats and specific projects as (Sar Boat and Carbon fibre catamaran vessels) for now.
Services:new buildings
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