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Address: Gemdok Sanayi Stesi No:17/33, Tersaneler Bolgesi Icmeler, Tuzla Istanbul.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Description: INTER-MAR has reached the highest level in Reconditioning and spare parts production. We provide a 1 year warranty for the main engine pistons and exhaust valves we recondition. The warranty we provide derives its power from the best quality materials, latest equipment, the experience molded with knowledge and the approach we use.
The way we think is that the ships do not belong to the ship owners only, but belong to all of us and are our national wealth. The ships are fecund, but we know that they will remain fecund if they are provided with a healthy life, therefore we shall exist as long as the ships exist,
We make it out duty to teach the things, which many old fashioned repairmen hide as trade secrets, to the young engineers of the ships and are proud of it. We bid goodbye to each ship we repair with blessings. We came all that way in 6 years with such thoughts and our only aim from here on is to invest more in order to provide more technological and rapid services for the ships. That is, not to remain behind Europe but surpass it.
Services:repairs, machinery only
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