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Address: 6693 Mjosundet.
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Contact Person: General Manager KJETIL AS
Management: Commercial Contact: , Email, Tel.
Description: Since 1926, the business concept of building new boat models at the plant has been a priority of the company.
During the first decades, Klaus As had a patented way of building wooden vessels with laminated timber that was almost synonymous with the best available wooden vessels at that time. These boats still rank high in value.
In the early 1980's, the company changed to using sea water resistant aluminium as the material for boat building. The decision to do so was a challenging one and underwent hard scrutiny before it was finalized. We are still confident that that change was the correct one.
When considering operational and maintenance costs, seawater resistant aluminium remains the best material for the construction of fishing vessels.
We have an enormous register of different boat models. And thanks to a very flexible working crew, we are able to deliver quality vessels that, from construction to furnished boat, are produced at our shipyard.
The building of hulls takes place in a 60 meter long insulated building adjacent to the sheet shop, the machine shop, and the carpenter shop.
Services:new buildings, repairs
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