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Address: 69-69A Mihai Viteazu street, 900191 Constanta.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Description: STEELBUILDING GROUP is one of the foremost providers of marine repair, building and conversion services, petrochemical industry and metallic construction. Our target is to provide to our valuable clients a wide range of works and professional service performed at high quality standard at competitive rates. We gained the reliance of our clients by the ability to offer to them projects complying with the specific requirements of each client and latest rules and regulations of the Classification Societies.

STEELBUILDING GROUP is a group of companies with headquarters on Mihai Viteazu Street, No. 69-69 A, 900191 Constanta, Romania and from this group take parts the following companies:
STEELBUILDING - foundation year 1999 - Mother Company
METALICA DG - foundation year 1992 - Petrochemical & Outfitting division
STEELBUILDING DG - foundation year 2005
SCHELA - foundation year 2007
Services:new buildings
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