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Address: 11 Cyrus William Quay, 8841 Lyttelton.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Chief Executive ANDREW STARK
Management: General Manager: RALPH STARK, Email, Tel.
Operations Manager: CAMERON STARK, Email, Tel.
Ship Repair Manager: GARY WEBB, Email, Tel.
Commercial contact: , Email, Tel.
Marine Manager: , Email, Tel.
Description: Stark Bros Ltd is a family owned and operated business servicing the marine industry from the Port of Lyttelton since 1958.
Specialising in Ship Repairs, the majority of work is undertaken in the Dry Dock which is adjacent to their main workshop facilities, although work is also undertaken alongside the wharves.
New Buildings consist of fishing and work boats to approx 20m in length.
Services:new buildings, repairs
Graving Dry Dock
[DWT] L [m] B [m] H [m]
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