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Address: Alexandru Moruzzi nr. 132, Cladire Obiectiv nr. 325, Parter si Etaj 1 Zona Nord, 800223 Galati.
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Description: MARINE ENGINEERING Galati (MEGA) is a company which provide naval architecture, marine design and engineering, founded in June 2004, having as main shareholder company Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNs).
As a result of market developments in shipbuilding, Damen group was necessary in setting up a company whose main activity is design to execution (body construction vessel, hoarding and piping).
Development strategy of the company started with a core of six engaging design engineers (three specialists in body building and three specialists in routing tubing) which benefiaciat a three-month training course at Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in the Netherlands, and continued every six months adding another core 6 each design engineers in the original team, each core engineering staff has training course of three months.
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