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Address: Hermann-Blohm-Str. 3, 20005 Hamburg.
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Description: ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems views it self as a systems builder with a strong position in naval shipbuilding

The companies of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems with subsidiaries in Germany and in foreign countries have a long shipbuilding tradition that in some cases reaches back for centuries. It has distinguished itself with its innovative developments and high technological standards.

More than 3,600 employees of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Germany and Sweden as well as in the distribution subsidiaries in the whole world are facing the differing challenges with great commitment. They are all qualified for their respective tasks. This is ensured through various measures for schooling and continued advanced training. Because the clients of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems are entitled to ideal products and services - and "just in time" and "just in budget" at that.

Which is why at ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems every project is processed with know-how, experience and full commitment until its successful completion to the satisfaction of the client. Striking a reasonable balance between economy and ecology is a challenge all industrial activities are facing today.
Services:new buildings, repairs, naval, designers
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