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Address: Kolumba 60A Str., 70-035 Szczecin.
Contact:Tel, Mobile, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Technical Manager ROBERT KORCZ
Management: Service Manager: ADRIAN ZENCZYKOWSKI, Email, Tel.
Description: Ships Propulsion Service specialize in providing flying squads for propulsin, shafting and marine diesel engine services for ship repair yards, as well as for ship owners.
Our technicians has massive shipyard experience with variable systems like LIPS, KaMeWa, Wartsilla, Schottel, Becker, etc.
In our ranks we have superintendent, shipyard project manager, ex service engineer of Rolls-Royce with decades of experience, capable to organize and to lead all necessary services which are needed.
Services:machinery only
Data verified by shipyard 15-10-2017

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