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Address: Kahuripan No. 7, 60265 Surabaya.
Contact:Tel, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Sales and Marketing NATHAN GONDO HARTONO
Management: Commercial contact: , Email, Tel.
Description: Ratson Shipbuilding has come a long way since the year of 1991. Starting as an industrial trading company, the company evolves to become a shipbuilding factory specializing in Landing Craft Tank, Micro Tankers and other boats. Since then, Ratson has consistently performed high standards shipbuilding services. Supported with the professional naval architect, Ratson serve each customer with great design and calculation. The journey forward requires efficiency, environmentally friendly technology, and commitment to quality, these matters have been the focus for Ratson Shipbuilding on building each vessel and boats to all our customers.

For more than 10 years Ratson shipbuilding has been a leading shipbuilding factory in Indonesia. Each day we're more advanced and expert on shipbuilding. Ratson will be your best choice for shipbuilding in Indonesia. We built all types of Landing Craft Tank, Offshore Supply Vessels, Tankers, and Ferry with all modification needed. Now, as the world has known Ratson for its' solidly built vessels, we're still ahead when it comes to competitive - reasonable price that delivers on time and on to the budget, especially when it comes to design and precise calculation.
Services:new buildings, repairs, brokers/representative, designers
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