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Address: An der Faehre 2, 27809 Lemwerder.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Description: The yard has an impressive history dating back to 1907, when it was founded by Georg Abeking and Henry Rasmussen. It builds ships and yachts up to 125meters and does extensive refits. A&R builds the following types of ships:
- Motor- and Sailing Yachts: A&R concentrates on mega yachts nowadays.
- Navy Ships: Main focus in newbuildings of navy ships is on Mine Countermeasure.
- Coastguard: A&R did a pioneer's job in developing the Deep Vee hull type, which nowadays is considered standard for fast and seaworthy Patrol Boats.
- SWATH@A&R: The revolutionary SWATH hull concept presents a superior alternative to conventional ship type due to its unique seakeeping and manoevring features in rough sea for numerous applications such as offshore, coastguard, research and surveillance missions.
Quays: 500m
Workforce: approx. 430
Services:new buildings, repairs
Lift [T] L [m] B [m] H [m]
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