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Address: Registered Office: Near Magdalla Port, Dumas Road, 395007 Surat.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Chairman RISHI AGARWAL
Management: Sr. Vice President: CMDE (RETD) LS SACHDEV, Email, Tel.
Sr. Vice President: PBN RAO, Email, Tel.
Description: ABG Shipyard has two facilities (yards) in Gujarat state of India, one each at Dahej and Surat. Corporate office is located in Mumbai.
1. Dahej Yard
Area - 165 acres
Water frontage - 1000 m.
12 Bulk carriers, 10 AHTS/ OSV/ PSV/ DSV, 4 rigs (up to 250m x 45m; 22,000 MT light weight) can be built/ repaired simultaneously on modular basis.
Fabrication capacity - 120,000 MT in 84,000 m2 covered area.
Two panel lines to produce blocks up to 250MT and 12m x 19m x 8m size
In-house design facility
33,000 m2 covered warehouse.
2. Surat Yard
Area - 53 acres
Water frontage - 250 m
25 to 30 vessels (up to 150 m length) can be built/ repaired simultaneously on modular basis.
18 nos shipbuilding berths on both sides of dry docks with Gantry cranes
Fabrication capacity - 22,5000 MT
10 Covered fabrication sheds with 27600 m2 for block fabrication
In-house design facility.
Quays: Dahej Yard - Two 231 m x 30 m; One 230 m x 30 m; One 500 m Quay
Surat Yard - One 88 M with suitable Tower Crane; One 65 m with suitable Tower Crane; One Block Loading berth with 2 x 60 T Gantry Cranes
Workforce: A bank of 8000 workers shared by both yards
Cranage: Dahej Yard - 600t, 500t, 250t, 75t etc.
Surat Yard - 20t, 2 x 60t, 2 x 50t, 80t goliath crane
Services:new buildings, repairs, machinery only, hull only, light repairs, offshore, naval, designers
Graving Dry Dock
[DWT] L [m] B [m] H [m]
Lift [T] L [m] B [m] H [m]
Lift [T] L [m] B [m] H [m]
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