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Address: PO Box 1049, AK, 99835 Sitka.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: VP Business Development GENE KAUSE
Management: VP Business Development: GENE KAUSE, Tel.
Sitka Office: , Email, Tel.
Description: Passenger Vessels, Work boats, utility boats & Charter Vessels, fast ferry's boats Floating dry docks.

200,000 SF undercover fabrication bays,fabricated units/60 x 15m for plates and profiles,Travel lift We are always try to innovate ourself in oder to became one of the best yards.
We would like connect and make a working relationship to shipbrokers, consultants, shipowners, shipdesign all the world.
Warmly Wellcome Partners and Clients to our shipyard! We hope to satisfy your demands.
Services:new buildings, repairs, underwater, designers
Floating Dry Dock
Lift [T] L [m] B [m] H [m]
Graving Dry Dock
[DWT] L [m] B [m] H [m]
Lift [T] L [m] B [m] H [m]
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