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Address: Niilontie 1, 26410 Rauma.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Managing Director PASI LEHTINEN
Management: Businnes Director: IIRO LEHTINEN, Email, Tel.
Product Manager: KIMMO KOSKINEN, Email, Tel.
Executive Vice President: SAKU TUOMINEN, Email, Tel.
Description: The activities of Aslemetals Oy have been devided into three working sites.

The company's Kaaro workshop and its head office are located in Rauma, on the western coast of Finland. The main part of the companys workshop production is focused there. In the field of mechanical engineering, the product line includes plate constructions, tanks and containers, chimneys and other steel structures.

The company also has a shipyard of its own, which is located in Olkiluoto, Eurajoki, 13 km north of Rauma. Shipyard services include new shipbuilding, the modification, repair and docking of ships, and ship blocks.
The Lapijoki workshop, also in Eurajoki, focuses on the manufacture of pipework products, such as separator, booster and pump units together with ship and industrial pipework.

Aslemetals´ operations and deliveries are governed by strict quality control and accurate documentation. We use V10 production control and financial management system, and our quality and environmental system has been built according to the standards ISO 90001, ISO 14001 and ISO EN 3834-2. In turnkey projects, Aslemetals Oy assumes overall responsibility for the delivery.
Services:new buildings, repairs, designers
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