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Address: AYDINTEPE MAH. TERSANELER BOLGES 304; S304;NEM SOK. NO:7 TUZLA, 34944 Istanbul.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: UTKU KABAOGLU
Description: The yard was established in 1974 at the Golden Horn in Istanbul named as Dortler Shipyard by four foremen one of who is Mehmet Turangahin presently owner and chairman of the shipyard. The first ship constructed in the yard was a tanker of 1000 dwt named Isgklar-1. We continued to built three more ships of 1500/2000 DWT named as Karadeniz 1; Karadeniz 2; Karadeniz 3; for the same owner and ship repair works of several Turkish and foreign flag vessels.
In 1980 the yard moved its present location in Tuzla Private Sector Shipyard Area and continues to give service to the shipping business by incorporating with Engin Maritime and Trading Co Inc. as Engin-Dortler Shipyard which is our present well known name in the market. In those days until 2002, even though Engin-Dortler Shipyard maintained its activities mainly by carrying out ship repair work, we also built a dry cargo vessel and a small tanker named Castrol Istanbul.

Through the years Engin-Dortler Shipyard has been developed with additional investments and applying technological developments which enable us to get much experience about Dry Cargo Vessel, Chemical and Product Tankers in international area. In recent years, we proud of delivering different type and size chemical/product tankers such as M/T Crescent Barolo (M/T OW AALBORG) , M/T Aksaz C (M/T Trefin Adam), M/T Adrasan C (M/T Trefin Unity), and M/T Emirgan-1(M/T BOREAS-T) to their Danish and Turkish owners.
Quays: The shipyard has totally 4000 m2; area with 3500 m2; open and 500 m2; closed.
The shipyard give repair & maintenance service to the ships at 3 sides of the pontoon located on coast:
LOA: 29,6 m
Lw: 29,6 m
Lpp: 29,6 m
B: 10 m
Workforce: 45
Services:new buildings, repairs, hull only, light repairs, underwater, offshore
Lift [T] L [m] B [m] H [m]
Data verified by shipyard 11-10-2017

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