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KEPPEL SHIPYARD LTD - TUAS YARD (HEAD OFFICE), SINGAPORE Keppel Shipyard Ltd - Tuas Yard (Head Office)
Address: 51 Pioneer Sector 1, 628437 Singapore.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: General Manager Commercial (Repair) CHIN SZE KIUN
Management: Managing Director: CHOR HOW JAT, Tel.
Executive Director (Commercial): LOUIS CHOW, Tel.
General Manager Commercial (Repair): CHIN SZE KIUN, Tel.
Description: Type of repairs / conversions:
Repairs for a diverse range of offshore and marine vessels including oil tankers, chemical tankers, container ships, cargo vessels, passenger ships, gas carriers, navy ships, livestock carriers and dredgers. Able to perform the whole spectrum of drydocking, repair, upgrading, conversion, modification, life extension and specialized construction. - Market leader in FPSO, FSO and FSRU conversions, having completed the most projects since 1981. - Extensive and proven track record in LNG repairs and conversions.

Specialised work undertaken:
Specialised Newbuilding and Integration projects (e.g Drillship Integration, Derrick Lay Barge Newbuild, Jumboisations etc), Fabrication of Turrets and topsides modules.
Quays: Yard Size: 443,423 m2
Berthage: 2,507 m

Temasek Dock:....150000dwt, 301m (L) x 52m (B) x 14.4m (D)
Raffles Dock:......400000dwt, 400m (L) x 64m (B) x 13.6m (D)
Tuas Dock: ........360000dwt, 350m (L) x 66m (B) x 13.7m (D)
Cranage: Dock and wharf cranes:
1 x 240T; 2 x 80T; 8 x 30T; 1 x 20T; 4 x 15T;

Floating Cranes:
1 x 27T; 1 x 16T; 1 x 80T

Floating cranes from our sister company, Asian Lift:
Asian Hercules II: 1 x 3200T; Asian Hecules: 1 x 1600T; SMIT Cyclone: 1 x 1000T; Asian Helping Hand III: 1 x 400T
Services:new buildings, repairs, light repairs, offshore
Graving Dry Dock
[DWT] L [m] B [m] H [m]
Data verified by shipyard 23-10-2017

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