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Address: 4912 Marina Road, 70562-9218 New Iberia, LA.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Sales and Marketing Department
Management: President & CEO: , Email, Tel.
Vice President, Sales & Production: , Email, Tel.
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Description: MIF is located at the end of the Port of Call Marina Road in the Port of Iberia. The fabrication yard consists of seven acres of land including an enclosed work shop with slab and several movable shelters for out of weather fabrication. We also offer 650 feet of waterfront on the west bank and 750 feet of waterfront on the north bank. In addition to the waterfront is a main load out location which allows us to track our 300 ton crane all the way to the waters' edge for handling extra heavy loads. Our customers can also make use of our dock for driving equipment right onto the decks of their vessels and/or loading and offloading their own equipment themselves at any time day or night. We also can provide electrical shore power service for temporary requirements.
Services:repairs, light repairs
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