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Address: Nieuwe Waterwegstraat 7, 3115 HE Schiedam.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Director MARK VAN SCHAICK
Description: We have crankshaft lathes that can grind shafts up to 12 meters long and weighing 30 tonnes. Beside crankshafts we also grind turbine, pump and generator shafts. Our expertise enables us to repair crankshaft that would be rejected elsewhere. It is also possible to bring back a damaged shaft to standard size by means of pregrinding, hardchromeplating. In many cases we will proceed to grinding one of more main journals and/or crankpins. We can grind to the next possible undersize step, in which case a special bearing is required (we can provide special bearings at the client's request).
We also inform you that beside crankshafts we repair connectingrods, engineblocks (lineboring etc.), cylindercovers, pistons, whitemetalbearings. Also for industrial parts like gearboxes, hydraulic equipment etc. you can always contact us, as well as hard chrome plating jobs (we have our own hard chrome plating company).
Data verified by shipyard 15-10-2017

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