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Address: Fabrichny Ostrov, 2, 187320 Shliesselburg.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Head of marketing and external communications department IRINA GEORGIEVSKAYA
Management: General Information: , Email, Tel.
Description: The main activities of Nevsky Shipyard include:
- building ready-to-operate vessels of all types (dwt up to 10000 t, length up to 160 m, width up to 25 m)
- salvage vessels, tankers, dry-cargo vessels, barges, tug-boats, run-about boats, auxiliary and supply vessels;
- steel hulls and structures construction;
- complex repair of vessels (docking weight: 3 800 t, navigable depth: 4,2 m);
- machine building - a wide range of equipment.

Fully automatic Line for Ship's Sections Assembly and Welding. Slipway G-300 allows to lift on the shore and to lower vessels up to 150 m long and dry dock weight up to 3000 tons. The horizontal part of the slipway is equipped with railways and slipway dollies.
Workforce: 1000
Cranage: 10-80 t
Services:new buildings, repairs, machinery only, hull only, light repairs, underwater, naval, designers
Data verified by shipyard 13-10-2017

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