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Address: Stoczniowcow 2, 47-200 KEDZIERZYN KOZLE.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Management: Director, Member of the Management Board: RUDOLF KOWALCZYK, Tel.
Vce - Director: PAWEL KOBIELA, Email, Tel.
Description: Its activity subject includes mainly repairing service and construction of little floating objects, deck outfit and welded-steel constructions.

The shipyard is the producer in a variety of vessel types like:
- river pushers,
- river and small seagoing tugs,
- passenger ferries (we have built several types for Nigeria),
- barges (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Czechy),
- freighters (Holland, Belgium),
- tankers (Germany, Belgium, Holland),
- special vessels for river regulation and maintenance of storage reservoirs,
- cutters,
- icebreakers,
- repairing works for a/m vessels
Services:new buildings, repairs
Data verified by shipyard 15-10-2017

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