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Address: The Docks, TR11 4NR Falmouth.
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Contact Person: Sales and Marketing Department
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Description: Sub Marine Services was founded as a specialist underwater engineering, repair and maintenance company, initially formed to provide services to the shipping industry.

Since establishment the company scope of works has been broadened and now encompasses many types of marine based operations including underwater ship repair, classification society approved in-water survey, coastal marine survey, marine construction work, dredging and piling.

SMS have continued to develop a variety of innovative procedures and equipment to carry out operations on ships and a diverse range of marine structures.

Our floating plant fleet includes tugs, workboats, work/cargo barges, pontoons, floating cranes and associated general marine equipment.

As a company we have an ongoing commitment to providing a high standard of service to the marine industry and continue to develop methods and skills to maintain our position in this sector.
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