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Address: 900 Bayou Casotte Parkway, 39581 Pascagoula, MS.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Sr VIce President ROBERT A. SOCHA
Description: VT Halter Marine, Inc. is a modern and progressive shipbuilding subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VTS) that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to design and build the world's highest quality maritime products. VT Halter Marine shipyards have an impeccable 70-year tradition of shipbuilding excellence as an internationally-acclaimed shipbuilder, noted for being the largest designer and builder of small to medium-sized ocean-going vessels in the United States for many years. Commercial and Government programs. Specialty vessels such as Offshore LNG Bunkering ATB, Offshore Wind SOV, USCG Polar Security Cutter, and other mid-size vessels.
We build to your needs. From business process automation to industrial manufacturing, VT Halter Marine uses today's technology to greatly enhance efficiency. Moving further into smart building, we continue to invest in sensor technology and data analytics, which capture data from machines to improve a ship's performance and reduce maintenance cost. Over the last 70 years, VT Halter Marine has delivered more than 3,500 vessels for commercial and defense customers, both domestically and internationally.
Services:new buildings, repairs
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