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Address: 13, Chengal Road, 96000 Sibu.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Contact Person: Managing Director YONG CHOO KUI
Management: Deputy Managing Director: LOH TECK HUAT, Tel.
General Manager: DANIEL YONG WU YUNG, Email, Tel.
Purchasing Manager: VINCENT YONG, Tel.
Business Development Manager: TERENCE YONG, Email, Tel.
Project Engineer: SIMON LOH, Tel.
Purchase: , Email, Tel.
Description: - Capacity: Accommodate 25 vessels (23 under-building and 2 dry-docking) simultaneously.
- Build up to 60M Express Passenger craft, 5000 DWT cargo vessels and 70M AHT.
- Ship Products: AHT, AHTS, Multipurpose Diving Support Vessel, Tug Boat, Supply Boat, Fishing Boat, Landing Craft, Barge, Cargo Ship, Express Passenger Boat, Leisure Boat, Pilot Boat, Crew Boat, etc.
Year 2002 - ISO9001 Quality Management System Standards Award
Year 2006 - Welding Procedures & Welder Qualification Certificates approved by IACS Classification Society
Year 2007 - Welding Procedures & Workshop Certificate approved by Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
Workforce: 300
Services:new buildings, repairs
Data verified by shipyard 09-02-2020

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