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Address: Lebedeva, 1, 692820 Bolshoy Kamen.
Contact:Tel, Fax, Email, WWW, available only for subscription;
Description: FSUE FES Zvezda is the unique shipyard in the Far East of Russia specialized in civil ships of different types building, accessory production and civil vessel's repairs, ship equipment unit repair, vessel's engines.
-Locomotives repairing
-Fuel-energy complexes's equipment repairing and production.
Floating dock chamber Length of bottom step: 140m, Gate span width: 18, Water fill up depth: 9m.
The covered slipway consists of two bays with communal annexes. Each bay has two shipway places. Length of bay: 192m,
width: 36m, 42m,
height at the crane track: 30m, 36m,
size of sluice (width x height) 33,5x28, 0; 39x34,
cranes, pieces/capacity: 2/50, 1/15; 2/50, 2/100.
5 open-air slipway places, equipped with cranes.
Quays: Special pier, shallow piers, deep water piers.
Workforce: 3600
Cranage: Bridge cranes-5 units in number (5t, 15t, 30t lifting capacity),
Gantry crane KSK-30-1 unit (30t lifting capacity),
KKP-12,5-2 units (25t lifting capacity),
Railway cranes 3 in number (1 unit of 16t, 1 unit of 25t, 1 unit of 125t),
Services:new buildings, repairs, underwater
Floating Dry Dock
Lift [T] L [m] B [m] H [m]
Data verified by shipyard 02-01-2020

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